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On Tina Fey: Or, How White Feminism Finds Itself Defending a Rape Joke

August 26th, 2017 by ashliecrooks

Dear Nice White Ladies, I know you enjoyed the Tina Fey video. It was cathartic watching her let loose on Nazis and the lack of leadership on the Republican side while shoveling cake into her mouth, and I howled at “Yard sale Barbie.” But friends, we gotta talk about the problems in the sketch. We… [Continue reading]

An Introduction to What Is to Come

August 23rd, 2017 by ashliecrooks

I started this blog more as a way to learn WordPress & expand on my PHP knowledge. I planned on occasionally writing about live music, video games, my cat, and food/cooking, since those are basically my favoritest things ever. But the world outside is on fire and I am being called to witness it. Witness:… [Continue reading]