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FRZN Fest 2017

January 17th, 2017 by ashliecrooks

Music-wise, 2017 is off to a pretty good start. I attended two of the three nights of FRZN Fest at High Noon Saloon and, amazingly, I made it through all four bands playing each night. A sad effect of getting older is I rarely make it through to watch the headliners when they don’t start until 11. However both nights I was determined. 

Beyond being excited for the performances, I have become more and more interested in supporting women artists and both nights had women front and center. Adrianne Lenker is the talented songwriter and front for Big Thief. Noname, the stage moniker for Fatimah Warner, has been generating buzz for awhile but seems to be about to explode after last year’s Telefone. Noname was also backed by another talented woman, Akenya, who thrilled on both keys and vocals.

Both nights were worth staying up past my bedtime, though they were completely different experiences. Thursday was quieter, and the majority of the crowd had disappeared by the end of Big Thief’s set. (Their loss.) Saturday’s show sold out, and no one left until Noname left the stage.

Thursday I was down on the floor, in the middle of things, being reminded constantly about how much I hated crowds at shows. Sunday I managed to get a table upstairs so I could watch without being shoved past or being subject to wearing someone’s beer. Sunday’s show was much more enjoyable, in that aspect.

Favorite moment of FRZN Fest had to be Tag Evers’s “Get Off My Lawn” moment Thursday night when he yelled at the crowd because they were talking through him listing off the corporate sponsors. No one gives a fuck, man. What would have been nice, however, would be yelling at people for talking through the music. Now that, that is criminal.

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